Exhibition “Missing Identityˮ from October 5 until November 1

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Exhibition “Missing Identityˮ in the Museum of Occupations from October 5 until November 1

An exhibition of Argentina´s glass artist Silvia Levenson tells the emotional story of hundreds of children that were torn from their natural parents and illegally adopted during the Argentinean Dirty War, a time of state terrorism between 1976 and 1983. The kidnapped babies were part of a government plan to have military families and allies of the regime adopt the children to avoid raising subversives.

Silvia Levenson about the exhibition: “I was born in Buenos Aires in 1957. I was part of a generation that fought to change an unjust society in which military dictatorships and short civil governments alternated. In March 1976 the military made their last and bloody military coup. I was 19 years old and in August that year my daughter Natalia was born. She is the same age that other young people whose identity the military stole. With unprecedented cruelty pregnant prisoners were killed after giving birth to their children and newborns were illegally given up for adoption.

In missing identity I investigate the space these children, today adults, have left in their original families and the society. What happened during those years changed my life and the life of the majority of Argentineans of my generation and it has influenced my artistic work. A huge part of my work has to do with revealing or making visible that what is normally hidden or cannot be seen. I use glass to represent this metaphor.”


The installation has been presented in the American University museum in Washington, the Argentine Consulate in Barcelona, the Galerie Argentine in Paris and in 2016 it will be exhibited in Italy and in the USA.


The Museum of Occupations opened the exhibition in cooperation with the Embassy of Argentina.