Photo exhibitions “Who are you,   forest brother?!ˮ and   “Landscapes of old Läänemaaˮ by   historian and hobby-photographer   Martin Andreller at the Museum of   Occupations from October 6! The   opening of the Exhibition on   Thursday, October 12 at 17.00!



Author Martin Andreller has been researching the topic “forest brothers” for the past ten years, while working as a researcher – curator in the Museum of Occupations. In spring 2017, he participated as a keen hobby-photographer in a course held by the Estonian Academy of Arts. The Exhibition “Who are you, forest brother?!ˮ is the outcome of his project from that course.

"My urge to take photos is quite fresh. At least when you compare it with the years I have lived on this planet. In everyday life we tend not to notice what is around us. Even our memories fade and dissolve in time. Maybe that we see and notice the life around us only on photos? That was the reason, why I felt the urge to record my memories through the lens of the camera. Sounds like a cliche, right?

But come and walk with me through the landscapes of old Läänemaa and you will understand me!"
Author Martin Andreller


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