Lecture by Norwegian writer and journalist Hege Boman Grundekjøn “Norway – Estonia: So close – and still so far awayˮ on September 12











Lecture by Norwegian writer and journalist Hege Boman Grundekjøn about Norwegian Estonian relations through the last 100 years “Norway – Estonia: So close – and still so far awayˮ will take place on September 12 at 16.00 at the Museum of Occupations

In her lecture in the Museum of Occupations Hege Boman Grundekjøn will describe and comment on main features and events in the relationship between Norway and Baltics, particularly during the dark years of the Iron Curtain. She will tell the exciting story of how and why the Estonian government in exile was formerly established in Norway in 1953; present persons and events illustrating the lives of Estonian refugees in Norway after the WWII; and give her perspective on Norway’s balancing act on supporting Estonia without provoking the Soviet Union too much. She will also tell about her recent project in cooperation with the Heritage Society of Estonia related to digging into the history of how a few brave Estonian soldiers supported Norway by participating in the fights against Nazi Germany.

At the age of 17 Hege Boman Grundekjøn won a Scandinavian writing competition for high schoolers arranged by the communist parties in the region. She was invited for a spectacular journey to Moscow and Leningrad in December 1978 and returned home as a convinced anti-communist and engaged human rights activist. Soon she started writing articles about the lack of freedom and democracy in the East-block.
During the past decades, Hege Boman Grundekjøn has written several articles about the Baltic counties and nations from a Norwegian perspective. In 2011 she launched the book “Latvia with Knut Hamsun and Karlis Padegs”, and this year the book “Norway Baltics – from cold to warmer relations. A revitalized neighborliness”.


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