Guided tours at the Exhibition “How Did Narva Remain with Estoniaˮ will take place on January 29 at:
11.00 in English,
13.00 in Russian.
Participation with museum ticket.

About the Exhibition:
After the collapse of the Soviet Union, a large section of the Russian-speaking population in Estonia found itself in a situation where they were not really included in governing, and the adoption of several important bills in the parliament caused widespread displeasure because it considerably restricted the group’s opportunities for participating in policy-making, engaging in economic activities etc., and also called into question the legal status of people, the majority of whom were now without citizenship.
This eventually led to a referendum on autonomy in the strategic city of Narva on 16-17 July 1993, aiming to equip the local council with a right to veto legislative acts adopted by the Estonian state bodies on the territory of the city of Narva. Although backed by local residents, the autonomy did not come into being.


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